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I'm having knee surgery tomorrow to clean up some fluid and loose cartillage. Recovery expectation?

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LaurieShay 13 Jun 2011

Hey Alem4k,

Is the surgery going to be arthroscopic? If it is you'll be back on your feet in no time. Well, in a little bit of time. Here is a great site that explains the procedure and recovery from this type surgery much better than I can say it.

Have a look and tell me what ya think.

Good luck tomorrow and keep us informed on how ya do,


Inactive 13 Jun 2011

Hi Alem,
Just wanted you to know you will be in my prayers gurl. Best wishes to you!

Inactive 13 Jun 2011

Hi there Alem. good thoughts and wishes out your way. Don't stay away to long, as you know, there'll be a fresh cup with your name on it, waiting for you. all the best.

Inactive 13 Jun 2011

You will also be in my prayers and I wish you the very best and a prompt recovery.

God bless.

Inactive 13 Jun 2011

A -
Where ya been buddy? Emailed you about 5 hours ago, you must be working or playing too hard!!!

jillmb 13 Jun 2011

Praying for a speedy recovery for you!! Good luck!

ElizaJane23 13 Jun 2011

I'll be praying for you tomorrow - hurry on back now, you will be missed! You might have a couple of days on crutches, then just have some soreness/ tightness to work it's way out. The two knee surgeries I had by a week's time I was feeling so much better from having it fixed! It felt so good to move it freely again. I'm sure yours will feel much better too - take gentle care now -

Inactive 14 Jun 2011

Alem, I hope all goes well for you tommorrow. You will be missed so don't take too long to recover!

Bhedge 20 Jun 2011

Best of luck with your surgery and your recovery. Hopefully you'll mend quickly and won't need extensive physical therapy!

LaurieShay 20 Jun 2011


Haven't heard from you since your surgery. How did it go? Let us know how it went and if your up and about ok.

Miss you,

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