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I'm having bad pains in my breasts, and they feel kinda heavy, what might be causing this?

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LaurieShay 9 Feb 2012

Could be any number of reasons. Are they tender to the touch, do you notice any lumps or discharge? It could be something as benign as fibrocystic tissue to something such as an infection in a mammary duct or even pregnancy. If the problem persists best to seek medical advice from your gynecologist.

Inactive 9 Feb 2012

Are you using any estrogen or progesterone therapy or new bith control pills? These can all cause some breast tenderness. The patch I am suppose to use is the lowest dose of estrogen, the viville patch, but makes mine feel like they did when I was pregnant is why I mention it. Hope you find your answer..

DzooBaby 9 Feb 2012

Any possibiltiy that you are pregnant? One of the first things I had when I got pregnant was extemely tender breasts that felt very heavy. i could hardly walk they were so sore and heavy. It felt somewhat like premenstrual tenderness only 10 times worse. If there is no possibility of pregnancy then it could be a number of other things. Are you on any hormones? HRT or BCP? They can cause the breast to feel tender and heavy too sometimes. Get a pregnancy test if there is a possibility of pregnancy because it really sounds like you could be pregnant.

Juicy04 10 Feb 2012

when i was pregnant in the past, i haven't experienced any soreness or tenderness in my breasts, could all pregnancy's be different?

DzooBaby 10 Feb 2012

Both of my pregnancies felt completely different.

pup6767 9 Feb 2012

I basically agree with what everyone here says. I wondered the same as Dzoo... if you could be pregnant. I would get this checked out with your doc just to be on the safe side... all my best... pup

Mzbrownsuger 23 Aug 2013

I felt that way when I was pregnant with my son free discount card

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