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I'm getting ready to take Accutane. Any advice?

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Rajive Goel 26 May 2010

Please read all the possible side effects with this drug at: hope this helps?

TheMagsta 26 May 2010

Thanks! I have read all the possible side effects and read tons of reviews. I'm hoping I'll be okay! I'm excited to have perfect skin even though now my skin isnt that bad.

Rajive Goel 27 May 2010

Welcome! Hipeyou keep well.

madhattersbash 7 Mar 2011

Hi: you say your skin is not that bad. WHY would any doctor put you on Accutane then? I took it in the mid-80s because of terrible cystic acne on my face, neck and back--- and I STILL had to fight with the dermatologist to have him prescribe it--and I was 36 at the time.
It DOES clear up your acne, but, I might not have taken it if I had know about all the possible severe side effects.
Is there nothing else you can try first???

TheMagsta 12 Mar 2011

He put me on 3 different meds and Accutane was the last thing to do. My acne wasnt as bad as I guess others that I have seen. I am now done with my treatment and couldnt be happier! I did get a bloody nose a few times and trouble focusing while on Accutane though.

semitough 3 Nov 2011

Since a causal connection has recently been found between Accutane and IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) I hope you will not be one of the unfortunate. I have a form of IBD and would gladly trade it for acne.

lmrgutierrez 27 Nov 2011

I am a 51 years old woman and had severe cystic acne, as did my mother, uncle, and both brothers. My brother and I took accutane in our twenties and it helped us both a lot, but I still have mild break outs at 51. When I was a teenager, I had giant cysts on my face so big I sometimes could not see out of one eye because my cheeks or above my eye was so swollen from acne. I took antibiotics for many years before I tried accutane. (That could have been the cause of my infertility in my thirties and forties.) When I took accutane, I had a perpetual headache the entire time. Once I took two pills at the same time and could not get out of bed for the severe migrane it caused. My lips peeled off in sheets and so did my skin. It was very uncomfortable as it shrinks the oil glands. The one side affect I still have is the inside of my nose is always dry. I'm on this site because I am reccomending it for my son, who is now 14 and also has severe acne. free discount card

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