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I'm currently unemployed and have no insurance. How can I get more refills on a prescription?

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auntniknik 24 Aug 2011

I'm in the same shape as you and I had half of my medications filled yesterday and they were around $1,000.00! I have been paying cash for years because my insurance co. stopped covering everyone in my state and I already had pre-existing conditions. Are you getting Umemployment Checks? Have you filed for disability? It takes forever, and everyone is turned down the first time you file. If you can get a lawyer you have a better chance and they only get paid if they get you enrolled! Some counties have a program that will help you pay for your prescriptions, check with your county courthouse. I wish you the very best of luck! I certainly understand what you are going through! I hope this helps a little!

FAD3D 24 Aug 2011

First of all refills have to be ordered by your Doc, or you can have your pharmacy request a refill from the doctor. Then, if you do not have insurance or the cash flow to pay for the refill look into community/state/governmental healthcare programs. Here in Texas I have a MAP (Medical Assistance Program) card and if I use the referred pharmacies the copay is usually always pretty cheap (depending on the medicine and amount of medicine).
****I am not a healthcare professional. My answer is based on personal experience and studied knowledge.****

Inactive 24 Aug 2011

It would help to know what you take so you can be referred to the maufacturer of the drug. Almost all have patient assistance programs where you can still get your medications... free discount card

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