... usually take the pill at 11pm..last month one day i missed taking the pill at 11pm, so i took it at 6am the next morning... i was taking it and a few days later the same thing happened... the time i was intimate with my husband i took the pill at 11pm... i was only intimate that one time last month... and during the week off pill i spotted a little, i took a pregnancy test, it came out negative... i was excited... and now its a new pack of pills im on the week off pills with no period bleeding just period cramps and headaches... one pharmacy said my hormones are going back to place, and i have missed periods in my past while being on a birth control..what do yu think.. i lookf foward to hearing from you..by the way, the dr doesnt think i am and the pharmacist said as long as i did take my pills and didnt completely skip..which i didnt help