Hi everyone especially those i got to no and those who put fprward comments when i was on a really dark place and didn't no any one, i thought it was strange at first , with the computer ( my shocking typing) the internet , but iv bonded with many here and am my network of friends has to. I went from 105mg to 95mg then cold turkey and just couldnt take the pain and restlesss legs any mo0re and lack of sleep, instead of giving in i sipped a bit and settled on 30mg i then did another jump to 20mg in 3 days a few weeks later and after talking on the phone to the detox in my state (over 10 different people i talked to all had different opinions, they allso did this to my doctor who is one of the finest and my drug worker who is top s to) it was not what thety said it would be and the doctor i had was fresh out of university. they halved my bipolar meds!! had no muscle relaxants besides valium which on the phone said they had a number of, i could handle all the symptoms except my leggs starrted going so nuts i couldnt stand sit lie down it was torture. I was put on morphine syrup and reduced off that then went 2 days with out any thing then they wanted to put me on bupumorphine, i read up in it and there was no benifit for my legs but would ease othersymptums. i can handle the other symptoms, iv done over a year of cancer treatment before so been there but the leggs are driving me crazy.in stead now im home i took 3 x ibuprofen and codine 12.8mg twice and today 2x same 3 times a day for next few days then cut that down, so its working fine now and i have no plan to exceed the ammount, even halved the valium they were giving me there. MY BIG QUESTION IS WHAT CAN I DO FOR RESTLESS LEGS i have magnesium which they only letr me have 2 tablets a day, at least i can double that, this helped in the past, please if any one knows of some thing please let me know, am getting massage and acupuncture to help to.cheers and thak you so much everyone.