and i called and talked to my doc's nurse and she called back and told me that carly wasn't gonna over ride the other doc!he told me the pm wasn't to give you higher doses of pain meds but to get you on lower doses !well i have cried like a child the last three days from pain and i;m so sleepy but can't sleep!i don't go back to see carly until next month !what am i to do> i have called the doc who did my back surgeries and told him i was in awful pain and that pm lowered all my meds !i'm on bp meds now and depression meds and something for my nerves !most likely due to me hurting so much!

i can't go no where to get meds because of my contract!but i don't think it's fair that i have got to hurt until my next appt.!

5mg's of tabs for my pain isn't nothing carly just told me i needed higher meds !and the 75 mcg's of fentanyl was helping some what ! i was happy last month cause i was able to function !cause i was in less pain!if you want to know my pain scale now it 11 plus ! my right leg is getting to where it don't work again !my back surgery was to relieve a nerve because a dik was on the nerve root!and then i was on the way home and didn't get to go because my back was swollen and i has a fever mri done and back to surgery !27th & 29th of dec.and then i got my staples out and seemed to be doing fine but i started hurting really bad was admitted to the hospital on jan,16th and had back surgery again on the 21st of jan!

and here they are fooling around with my pain meds!and my back isn't causing all of my pain my stomach does too!after about 20 plus stomach surgeries and having 6 inches of your lower intestine remove along with a cysts on the inside of my intestines !do you think i got a reason for pain meds !i was told after my first back surgery a few yrs. ago on t-11 & t-12 that all they could do was keep me on pain meds because i woould be in pain the rest of my life !my spine is ate up with arthritis and degenarated disk !

sorry to ramble !but i am tired of pain and tired of being at the doctors mercy!i have called people and asked them to please pray for me because my back hurts so bad!