i just posted before about suboxone problems, i am now freaking out because i found an addition to a possibility for the symptoms im having, im sorry for posting two threads butim going nuts and having a panic attack, im posting all over the place like a maniac someone please tell me something positive or reassuring i dont know what to think

i came off of opiated about a month and a half ago. i have been taking suboxone every day for maybe 3 weeks to a month..i started taking it because of post withdrawal symptoms..anyway thats besides my current point. i have been taking xanax every day also for about 2 months, i usually take 1 mg once or twice a day, depending on when i feel like i need it, but sometimes, pretty infrequently, i have taken up to 3mg in one day but not on a schedule..only when i felt like it..so here is my freakout: im terrified because i dont know what is causing me to feel the way i feel: everything was going fine with the suboxone..i take an 8mg tab when i wake up..it was working fine. now all of a sudden a few hours after i wake up and take the suboxone, bout 4 hours maybe, i really start feeling withdrawal symptoms. you know, those chills, hot skin, sweats, hot flashes, heart beating faster than normal, kinda achy, shaky, also tingly and emotional..the feelings you get at the beginning of withdrawal..i dont know why this is happening. i thoughtat first that it is because for a couple of days i was sleeping very late and not taking my suboxone on schedule, let myself go too far into withdrawal so i thought there was not enough sub in my system or somethin like that..but i stopped that and started taking suboxone regularly, but this is still happening. i did not realize how frequently i was taking the xanax, and now i am wondering if these might be withdrawal symptoms from xanax. im really scared to be addicted to xanax and i am panicking right now and im alon can someone please please give me some input, and please help me to calm down.
... im suchaa moron