13 years ago I was diagnose with fibromyalgia and since August 2009 i've been diagnose with several things irritable bowel syndrome,osteo arthritis,have bone chips in my knee and in my spine,recently been diagnose with cirrhosis of the liver I also go from chronic constipation to diarhia .i been hospitalize for my bowels seven times since August 09 my list of meds are tramacet sometimes Demerol, dicetel, gravol,domperidone,meloxicam,chlorax,sandoz orphenadrine,sulcrate plus,Xanax,dexilant,ralivia and sometimes flurazepam when I can't sleep.i have pain 24/7 what meds could I change that wouldn't damage my liver even more and what could I take for pain cause I've read on tramacet and what I found out was not very good ,if anybody have answers please let me know .thanks!