Hello! I'm new to this chat support forum so bear with me! I primarily take Vicodin but when I can't find Vicodin, any other opiate will do. Anything I can get my hands on. No heroin though. Just pills. I've been abusing opiates for roughly 4 years now. I very gradually increased my dosages without realizing it... so the fact that I have an addiction seemed to have crept up on me and one day I started crying and thought, "how did I let this happen??".
Well today I made the first step in getting help..tired of going through the torture of running out of pills, not being able to find any, and the insane amount of money I've wasted the past 3 or 4 years. I went to a counseling office near my hometown and went through the intake process for weekly out-patient therapy, weekly group meetings & a weekly visit to the doctor for Suboxone prescription. I am/was taking 10-14 (750) Vicodins a day. I have an appointment with the Suboxone doctor at the end of next week and 30 days from that appointment I will be drug tested to make sure I'm following the guidelines and not abusing ANY other substances.
I come from a tight-knit community where these problems aren't openly discussed... so I have many questions. Have any of you quit Vicodin with the help of Suboxone? Is it really possible to even quit Vicodin and feel normal again, as before the addiction started? Also, I sat down and calculated an estimate on how much money I have spent purchasing Vicodin from various people over the past 3 years... and it's astounding. I hate to even think about it. Does anyone else have a similar story with spending thousands of dollars? I feel so alone.