... drug addicts through my entire childhood and adult life. For my entire life I have been lied to and betrayed. I always knew there was something wrong with me but I never knew what it was until my sister finally told me the truth. I have a 100% co-dependent personality. My family is in the medical profession - my father was a pharmacist and brother was a doctor - all of them are addicts. I hate addicts so much and I am in so much pain from being lied to all of my life. I can't stop crying. My father used to lecture about the evils of drug addiction and my mother has repeatedly told me she never used anything stronger than asprin. I believed these people because I accepted their lies as truth from early childhood. Now I've finally connected the dots and I am completely devastated. I hate addicts because all this time they have had a choice - but I never had a choice because I never knew the truth. I have always cared more about my 80 yr old mother than I have ever cared about myself - but I didn't understand why - I could never figure out why I wasn't able to make the normal break from their parents that most people do in adolescence. I have had terrible health issues and many surgeries as well as being extremely depressed most of my life yet my mother has never called me - I always call her. I talked to her everyday b/c I called her - always worried about her and always trying for her approval - never able to cut the unbilical cord. Since I found out the truth last week I stopped calling her. Words can't describe the hatred I feel for her. I have gone from caring more about her than I have ever cared about myself to hoping she dies a miserable painful death. I hate addicts. I think they should all be shot. I wish I could bring my deceased father back and shoot him myself. I would never choose to have anything to do with an addict. For 54 yrs I didn't have a choice because I didn't know the truth. Now that I have a choice my family will never see me again. My mother will never see my children again - her only grandchildren. Now after all this time of never calling me despite all the problems I have had - now that she knows that I know the truth she is calling night and day. She leaves messages saying she is worried about me. Funny - she wasn't worried when I nearly died from a ruptured appendix. She wasn't worried when I had an ectopic pregnancy and emergency surgery. She wasn't worried when I was depressed and suicidal. But now that I finally know the truth and can begin to heal myself - she is worried. Even though I am in extreme pain and can't stop crying I also know that I am finally free. I am liberated. I have finally started feeling my feelings. I hope there is a support group for people like myself - I never would have knowingly had anything to do with an addict and I don't want to change them or have anything to do with them - I just want to heal myself