I'm 35 and I've been diagnosed via ultrasound with two complex ovarian cysts, one on each ovary. I've also had cysts rupture monthly with every cycle for the last 3 years. The pain is excruciating and it's having an effect on my life (work, school, etc.) After 3 months of monitoring the complex cysts, they have not changed in size. I'm supposed to go back for another u/s in a few months to monitor. I can't take BC pills and progesterone-only methods like depo provera caused me terrible side effects in the past as well, do I have any other options? My doc says I'm basically SOL until menopause. Is that true? I haven't had any kind of testing done beyond the u/s, no bloodwork for hormone levels, etc. Should I ask for that? Would it even tell anything? Should I get a second opinion or do I really just have to deal with the pain for the next 15-20 years???