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Im 26 an weigh 105 people tell me to try geritol all the time will it help me pick up a lil weight?

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missy2 23 Mar 2010

how tall are you ? what is your bmi i think if you are healthy and your height and your age and your bmi are right why would you want to pick up some weight. and no i don't think gertiol will help i think good protein shakes and the right food will make you healthy maybe your not supposed to weigh alot. like i said check your bmi and it will tell you where you should be i've have fought my weight all my life and if i had known about the bmi stuff when i was 26 now i'm 56 with a lap-band it would have made a difference when i was 18 @ 4ft 11 i weighed 96 and wore a size 1 wedding gown @ age 53 i weighed 256, sorry to go on my daughter-in law is 5ft 3 and 21, she weighs 101 and doesn't want to gain an ounce go figure. hope this has help some. missy

kisha2626 23 Mar 2010

yes thank u and tes i will look into the bmi stuff free discount card

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