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Iis it wrong for me to put my body threw this knowin I can take pain medication?

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kaismama 27 Apr 2012

Through what hon?

imhopeful 28 Apr 2012

im an addict but clean on subs ,subs help pain but scared to get addicted i am an addict but they are givin to me by dr 16 ml per day dont take them as should

imhopeful 28 Apr 2012

you asked me

DzooBaby 28 Apr 2012

I'm going try to send this question to my friend pattishan. she is our "subs" expert. hang on, ok?!

HeadStarter 28 Apr 2012

What are you doing with what you are given??? Can you talk with your doctor about alternative type treatments???

For instance, have you tried acupuncture? It can be really helpful and totally relaxing at the same time.

Do you see a physical therapist who does more "manual" or hands on work??? If not, would it be easy for you to get a referral from your doctor to see someone???

I'm just throwing these things out there as "food for though".

How are you doing now, by the way? You are asking the question... "is it wrong... " You know something, if you are in pain... and I am understanding the question... then I'm not sure what you think you are putting your body through. You are suffering and you are looking for options right? Sounds like you don't like what you are taking but you so need to tell your doctor that one.

imhopeful 28 Apr 2012

hi well what he give i have them in the drawer anyway im a recovering addict and i know what it is to have any habit and i finaly got it together im sooo scared to get in with subs i do go to aclinic for them 16 mil per day but i dont take them as should im just scared i take them when i cant bare the pain anymore dr gave them to me for the addiiction i tld her about the pain put me up 1 more now im scared when its time to be taperd off whats in store... anyway thank you like said much people dont understand i dont have anyone to talk to thank you all much love

Inactive 28 Apr 2012

Dear I'mHopeful. Suboxone and subutex treat pain, opiate addiction, stops cravings and withdrawal, AND, it also heals the brain by reducing the extra opiate receptors called MU receptors. When your brain starts forming those, your tolerance to opiate goes up because there qre more receptors for it to grab a hold of. When someone does the suboxone or subutex program properly, it entails using a drug addiction counselor, this counselor can guide you more as to when you are ready to taper off. It can be done with no withdrawal, I did it by slow taper. My counselor got in touch with my dr, they both agreed I could taper off and have been fine now for 19 months off of it. People get "trapped" on subs when they don't use a counselor or express to the dr they do want to be off someday. As you taper down, you brain is still healing and you are reversing your opiate tolerance. The counselor can also bolster you and remind you of exactly why you are tking it.

imhopeful 28 Apr 2012

hi how to start well ive been an addict for about 25 years i was clean acouple of years i had back surgery went on pain medication relapsed went on subs clinic i dont take them as i should dont take them for days or 1 a day i take them when i cant bare the pain anymore is that bad for me when its gonna be time for me to be weened off im new at all this so bare with me thank you

usmcmom 28 Apr 2012

I've been on Suboxone for 3+ years now and there's NO way I'd return to the pain meds. I still have pain but it's tolerable. To me the issue of returning to the opiates is more psychological than anything so the key to successful recovery is to be involved with not only the prescribing dr. but also a counselor/therapist and if possible, a support group. My apologies if I'm re-iterating another's response. I'm just relaying what has worked for me and I really stand by it.

imhopeful 28 Apr 2012

thank you all so very much and im tryin to its just somewhat not easy i just moved to this state but you are right free discount card

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