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If you take tylenol with codein and have a drug test after, can morphine come up in your system?

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Buddy1971 14 Jun 2010

It will show up as an opiate but as far as showing up as morphine specifically,no it shouldn't but one is derived from the other so I guess it is possable,but if someone in an atthority figure is just claiming it,I'd tell them to do a more advanced test bcuz they can do tests that will tell you exactly what opiate it is & what quanity & I'm prescibed 100mg morphine & i'm pretty sure it will have a hell of alot more opiates in them then tylonol 3 or 4's. Hope this helps.

ahunter46 21 Jun 2010

Well, I took Tylenol with codeine(prescibed to me) My drs office took a urine test... just random for patients on narcotics... And supposedly morphine came up in my system.. They never researched it and just discharged me. Now, I'm having withdrawls from narcotics because no other Dr. will put me back on what I was taking... I don't know, I think it's pretty messed up. free discount card

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