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If you take subutex for obit dependence and have a tooth abcess, what can you take for pain?

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christineATU 14 Nov 2010

You need to be on an antibiotic. They're pretty cheap too. I think with the subutex you could take some certain pain meds. But I would take OTC meds rather than risk a bad reaction. It's the suboxone that you really have to watch out for.

best wishes and hope you feel better soon,

IhearttheOcean 14 Nov 2010

You can take regular otc pain meds like Ibuprofin, Acetaminophen, or Aspirin. Just dont take any narcotic pain meds. Also getting an antibiotic like was mentioned is a good idea for any kind of mouth infection such as an abscess.

taylorlynn3314 23 Nov 2010

You can take tramadol as a pain killer if Advil doesnt work. I an on subutex and my doctor said that there is not interaction with this medication. I asked the pharmacy and they check and it is safe. free discount card

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