Hi thanks for your reply. have some more details. my period comes every month but not on an exact date. in november it was later than usual but i was stressed out because of exams. i had intercourse around the 7th and 8th november(used condoms ) , expected my period around the 19th. when it did not come I took several pregnancy tests , all were negative (used first response test). After the negative tests I took provera on the 28th november just 2 tablets (5mg) and also got an injection from my doctor for contraction of muscles . My period came the next morning. I had a normal period . However i experienced some breast tenderness. After my period i took another test and it was negative . do you think i have anything to worry about . what are the chances of me being pregnant after all this. i am worried because i read women can be pregnant and still have a period ... reply soon.