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If you take paxil can you switch to zoloft?

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LaurieShay 8 Jun 2011

Hey binks,

Yes you can switch to Zoloft but you'll need to taper off the Paxil and then start the Zoloft. Of course, it is best to talk to the doctor before doing this. May I ask, why you want to switch, is the paxil not working?

Best wishes,


Inactive 8 Jun 2011

My husband is bipolar & was on paxil for quite a few years. His doctor switched him to Zoloft without tapering, & frankly I wish he had kept him on Paxil or both! His OCD is worse, he's just an old grouch etc... He doesn't want me involved in his medical especially the mental part much so I'm out there. Talk to your doctor about this "quick" switch if bipolar is your problem. Like Laurie said, a taper might be best or you may need to combine with something else. Good luck to you & welcome to the site, We encourage new members to ask & answer away. Don't be shy now ya hear...

sweetie pie 10 Jun 2011

Hello binks! I am wondering why you want to change from Paxil to Zoloft. Are you having uncomfortable side effects or is the Paxil not helping you? How long have you been on it? These are important questions that need to be discussed with your doctor. The chemical composition of Paxil and Zoloft are not exactly the same. You should never switch from one drug to another without talking with your doctor. You are taking a risk. You may have side effects that you are unaware of placing you in a medical crisis. I strongly encourage you to see your doctor before you decide to change your medications. I hope everything goes well and that you and your doctor find a medication that helps control your symptoms. Sweetie Pie free discount card

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