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If you lose a pill and you just take the next birth control pill is that alright?

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DzooBaby 8 Jul 2011

If you lost a pill, yes, that is one thing you can do but it will still leave you short in the long run and you will need to use a back up when you get to that short pill. Sometimes it may just be best, depending on the type of BCP you are using to just miss the day of the lost pill and use a back up method (like a condom) for the next seven days. You should probably call and ask your prescriber how she/he wants you to handle this. If you take the next days pill you still wind up short at the end of the pack so you will need to know how they want you to do the back up method at that time. Some people keep an extra pack available for lost pills so they can take the pill that corresponds with the same day they miss. Some pills have different strengths of pills each week and if you take this kind of pill, it is important you are replacing with the proper strength. free discount card

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