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If you last used meth 105 days ago and you cut you hair in the last 30 will hair drug test show pos?

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suzanne66 4 Dec 2011

Methamphetamine can be detected in hair up to 90 days after using.

You could be ok.

devilwacause 3 Nov 2012

Depends on the length of your hair. A typical test is a 90day window or roughly 1.5inches of hair. Depending on what the test is for (job for example) they can test more. If your hair is deemed to short for testing they can (and will) take body hair, which due to its slower growth can show use of up to a yr, tho without any descernible time frame.

Kidzrock 11 Oct 2017

I was always told it shows back as far as the first time you ever started doing drugs. free discount card

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