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If you knw what std you have can you go to a free clinic and ask for the anti biotics?

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Inactive 7 Jul 2011

Normally they do give free antibiotics if a person comes in with an std (sexually transmitted disease) because most cities, counties and states are trying to keep these kinds of infections from spreading. If they do charge you, it will be minimal charge and likely be an antibiotic that is available in a generic so it won't cost much. Yes, if you think someone gave you an std, go in and ask for the medication, I would like to tell you they may ask you the name and address of the person you suspect you got the std from, as they will inform them they need to be treated. Best of Luck, pattishan61

Inactive 7 Jul 2011

What Patti is saying is true. I don't know what state you are in but if you have a family doc and go to them there are some drug stores that give free antibiotics with a rx.

caringsonbj 7 Jul 2011

both Von and Patti are right, infections left untreated develop into more serious problems for you and the other person, as I am sure you know unless directed by the doctor always take the full course of antibiotic therapy I wish you both the very best

DzooBaby 7 Jul 2011

If you have or think you have an STD, you can go to the free county clinic but to get antibiotics, you will need an examination. You cannot just go in a tell them you have X and they automatically hand you over the antibiotics. You will need to be examined and tested by the Dr, midwife, NP or PA who is doing exams at the clinic. Sometimes the services are offered free but it may depend on your income so they may ask information on what your income is and if your income meets a certain guideline you may have to pay a little for your exam and the antibiotics but it will be much less than you would pay a regular Dr.

Raiza777 6 Jun 2013

Well first they have to test you to make sure you do or you dnt have the std, then they will give you the antibiotics. But how do u know u have the std already? Do u have symptoms and are just assuming? I had symptoms of an std and i freaked i even went to the emergency room and the gyn told me i had an std before she tested me , she gave me the antibiotics and a shot right then and there and i didnt have to pay a dime for the treatment .. But anywho my test came back and it wad negative just a bacterial infection .. Dnt freak yurself out just think positive and wait for the results free discount card

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