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If you have diabetes is it usually to have infections in the gential areas?

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Inactive 9 Sep 2011

Yes, and especially yeast infections. Diabetes puts stress on the immune system and infections take longer to heal and diabetics have a higher infection rate.

Inactive 9 Sep 2011

Patty is right about this whether you are female or male. My husband is a type 2 diabetic, & he gets a horrible rash around the genitals & groin area that's yeast infection. Diabetics have much more yeast on the skin than people that don't have diabetes. We all have some altho. Your doctor can order a prescription cream for this condition...

litlmommag 10 Sep 2011

Absulutly tell yur dr if you have it they will prescribe a cream very aggervating itchy and burning... hope you feel better soon!

pup6767 10 Sep 2011

Diabetics have increased blood sugars. Sugar is a great medium for infection... so yes all type of infections are more prevalent but warm and moist areas usually are areas more prone to infection as well as the feet where circulation can be compromised... wear cotton panties and keep area dry... good luck and blessings to u... free discount card

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