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If you dont have medical insurance what otc remidies can I take for a bladder infection?

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itsmetoo2 1 Jan 2010

Found this on the web, I hope it helps:

As an at-home treatment, increased water-intake, frequent voiding, the avoidance of sugars and sugary foods, drinking unsweetened cranberry juice, as well as taking vitamin C with the last meal of the day can shorten the time duration of the infection. Sugars and alcohol can feed the bacteria causing the infection, and worsen pain and other symptoms. Vitamin C at night raises the acidity of the urine, which retards the growth of bacteria in the urinary tract. However, if pain is in the back region (suggesting kidney infection) or if pain persists, if there is fever, or if blood is present in the urine, doctor care is recommended." (Wikipedia) free discount card

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