will it go away once the medication is stopped?
I have idiopathic severe peripheral neuropathy that the symptomand I have not taken any ergots since the late 80's. I have tried everything and now at age 69,
the headaches have substantially diminished; but the PN is getting worse.
I not only have the pain in my feet but up to right below my knees and
stocking/glove effect. It's suddenly gotten noticably active in my hands which has burning off and on & occas. pain. Although I am in an area rich in medical facilities, I don't find anyone really taking the time on seeking the etiology of the PN! I was diagnosed at Mayo Clinic in JAX, FL in 1991.
My symptoms started the in about '88 & '89. At first it felt like glue or clay on the ball of my right foot, then like glue between my last 3 digits on my right foot. Eventually it spread to the left foot. I took various SSRI's for it most of the time (Paxil was helpful but I asked to be taken off of it and switched to another.) Currently I have been on Prozac, 40 mg. & Gabapentin 1200mg tid. I am starting to have an increase in all my symptoms so that the meds are not working as well as before. Because I am on Medicare with a supplement, I am forced to take generics only because of being on a fixed income. My husb. has tremendous health issues and meds so I cannot out into something expensive. *sigh*. I go to a Center for Management of chronic Shm;l
I am wanting to know if there IS anything helpful that has come onto the market during the last 5 years that I'm not aware of? I am getting desparate for help. I also have nerve damage since the original diag. of PN, in my lower back and neck from auto accid. and severe Fibromyalgia.
My name is Arlene Jones and currently I am in a rural area of the mountains in upstate SC near Greenville where I get the PN medical care.
My hometown is in central FL where I lived 58 yrs till we retired here. we are seeking to sale this home and move back to FL to be near family members.

rket in the last 5 or so years that I am not aware of.