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If you cut one 40op in half does is it two 20op's or two half 40's?

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christineATU 22 Jan 2011

If the 40mg OP (oxycontin Perdue) is extended release (which I am almost sure it is) it should never be cut in half or destroyed in any way. It must be taken whole as directed. If this medication is too strong, please ask your doctor to decrease the dosage. Please be safe with all extended release medications.
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caringsonbj 22 Jan 2011

on you prescription bottle it should tell you if it is extended release or some other terms they use immedicate release I suspect it is because with all the pain medicine that I have had 40mg tablets do not come in short acrting that is if I recall correctly one thing that is very important never cut or crush ior cut a long acting pill in half I think the doctor says then you cannot be sure how much medication you get in your blood my guess (which I don't like to do is that it would enter you blood and then you could possibly can an overdose of medication, also you can always call your pharmacist and give him the Rx number and he should be able to tell you if it is long acting, I in no way care to help I just want to be sure that the answers you get are correct and that you are safe please don't hesistate to ask anything that you wish to know and if I know the answer I will be more than happy to help you do be sage and take good care, (Billy) free discount card

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