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If you are taking pain medication but are afraid of becomming addicted what are some alternate routs

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midwestma 18 May 2010

I guess it depend on how long you will need to take the pain medications, most people who have pain and take the medication in the manner prescribed and then quit using it after the pain is not so severe and regular over the counter tylenol works. You should have not fear of becoming addicted. On the other hand, if you have chronic pain and take narcotics on a daily basis, even if you're taking only the amount prescribed daily, you will be "addicted" per se, your body will need that medicine, and if you stop suddenly you'll have withdrawals. There are a host of medicines that are non-addicting, if you search the site here for non-narcotic medications you find many to choose from. Your question is sort of General, so it's hard to say what you might choose from. Have you had surgery? Do you have chronic pain? A car accident? etc...

Sacosam 19 May 2010

Hi; If you can get a decent answer to that question, you will have several thousand people from around the world who will gladly say "THANK YOU"! There are people who are trying to put out non-addicting pain drugs powerful enough to help YOU and us out but... "BIG PHARMA"! is very very powerful, and "BIG PHARMA"! wants you hooked! ! Sacosam

justgothome2031 20 May 2010

take it as prescribed, if you have concerns about becoming addicted (which is the natural course of taking any pain medication) consult your pcp who will discuss other options with you. injections, non narcotic pain medication, physical therapy etc etc. there are lots of options out there, dont feel like you are STUCK taking narcotic pain medication. DO NOT stop cold turkey, as you will become very sick, depending on dose etc. consult your pcp with your concens.

mushroom hunter 20 May 2010

hello, i am new to the group my name is sharon and i will be 60 next month. i have the same fear as you have. i will try to make this as short as possible. i'm pretty shy and usually just listen but i have to speak on this.i am in so much pain mainly with my hip and leg.i have a very nice doctor and i like him alot. i have gone down hill sents my husband pass away. it's been ten years now. i weighed 400 pounds when i found out he was dying and i knew i could'nt take care of him if i did'nt lose some weight. so i had gastric bypass and i weigh about 180 lbs now. i got alfull sick and got down to 139 lbs. i'm 5'8 and my health has been failing ever sents.
1. copd on oxygen,spriva .inhailers
2.sleep disorders=c.pap for sleep anapa on provigil for neropothy
3anemia=vitamin d=5000 unit 3x week
iron pill's =b12 shots =b12 pills=oyst=cal-d 200mg.8 a day
4. thyroid pill
5.nexium for stomach

Sacosam 21 May 2010

Hello Sharon; Dear Heart! I don't know what a rough and tumble ol' clown like Me can say after reading a letter such as yours. I am as far away from being a doctor as it is possable to be , but my instincts are razor sharp as I ran away from home? at age 13, trusted no one, so never went back. I've been on my own for 58yrs. and used my instincts for survival.
What my instincts tell me from your letter is that [1] You are among the strongest , yet most gentle & loving Women I have ever had the good fortune
to communicate with. [2] You have been terribly misused by "BIG PHARMA"!

midwestma 21 May 2010

sacosam, I had to comment I too left home at 12 tho' and never went back, married at 16, 41yrs with a wonderful man this month on May 5th. You do develop a sense nobody else can ever comprehend~~ My best.

midwestma 21 May 2010

Just stay in touch with your doctor on a regular basis, you'll find a happy medium, I'm sorry for all you've been through, you've really tugged at my heartstrings.. God Bless You. and good luck free discount card

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