I was given a RX for the 105mg Bonitril several days ago but have not yet gone by my drug store to pick it up. Hoping to get by there this afternoon. After having severly injuring my SI joint structural ligaments over a years time, a Bone and Joint Clinic sent me to PT for 4 months (3X/wk) in conjuction with anti-inflammatory med once per day for the four months. My core strength and posture have much improved and are truly allowing my ligaments to heal. I have also received several injections in the ligament areas. Hopefully, that is over with. My concern is I am ADD and have been on oral med 1Xday for 20 years to focus for my job (lots of organization and paperwork required). I am 58 years old and healthy overall. Would I be taking something similar to ADD med if I use this to lose the suggested 10 pounds for my back to be at its best? Reviews I have read mention focusing as the main benefit and energy. I already have those things well controlled. Thank you for information. I am going to pick it up but wait for some feedback before deciding whether or not to use this. I may just add another day to my twice a week workouts.