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If you are allergic to Penicillen or direvitives can I take terramycin?

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Thor283 24 Oct 2011

Terramycin is in the family of Tetracycline antibiotics. Do you know if Tetracycline or Doxycycline are safe for you? If they are then Terramycin should be too. Since I'm not a Doc, I am hesitant to tell you what you can take. Some allergic reactions can be life threatening. So you really ought to see a Doctor.

If you absolutely are not going to see a doc, look up any med you want to take, right here at dc. Use the Search feature at the top. Type in the drug you want to take. Read which family it is in. If it is even remotely related to the cillen family of drugs, I say don't take it. So I think that would include Keflex, because I think it's related to the cillen drugs.

I wouldn't play games with this. Like I said, if you absolutely can't get to a doc and you absolutely must take an antibiotic look it up. You should also ask any pharmacist. If you think its related, do not take it.

Good Luck

pup6767 24 Oct 2011

It is perfectly safe to take Terramycin if u r allergic tp Penicillin. They r antibiotics of two completely different classes. If you r allergic to penicillin DO NOT take any antibiotic that has "cillin" at the end of the name, ie, amoxicillin, bicillin, etc. Augmentin is also a cillin... it is penicillin w/ clavulonic acid.
Conversely, if you are allergic to a certain "mycin" it does not mean that you are allergic to other "mycins.". I know u r not... just had time today to do a little educating!!! OMT... you need to know that with certain cephalosporins, mainly Keflex, there is a 10% chance you might be allergic to it also.

One more good thing to remember is this: if u r taking an antibiotic, or any drug for that matter, for the first time ever taking that particular antibiotic or drug, it is always a good idea, if possible, to have someone else around... OR... at least make someone aware that you r taking it for the first time... just in case u would have an allergic reaction.
This is my tidbit for the day!!! Good luck and I hope that u feel better!!
be well...

pup6767 24 Oct 2011

CORRECTION... RE: the Keflex... this only applies to penicillin... not Terramycin... sorry for the confusion... free discount card

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