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If taking coumadin for a lifetime, do you recommend wearing some kind of identification about it?

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21 Dec 2009

Yes, Yes, Yes There are necklaces, braclets... Wear BOTH. That way when EMS starts to work on you they see both. It is that important.

Do not forget to have regular blood testing as your doctor wants you to have. This will make sure you have enough Coumadin to do you good. Monthly or bi monthly is the usual. Some doctors have a tech come to your home that way you do not forget.

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22 Dec 2009


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6 May 2010

YES!! My doctor is adamant about this! I've found some nice id bracelets that are dressier and don't look like the old-stainless-steel standbys.
I wear mine 24/7!

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6 May 2010

Yes, you can get one at Drug Store

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7 May 2010

Without a doubt. I wear a medic alert necklace I got from

I wear it to work and whenever I'm not with with my wife - if something happened and I couldn't speak and my wife wasn't around then I have the alert necklace.

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15 Jan 2011

yes i recommend wearing id braceket or necklace i wear mine 24/7 as you never know when you may need it we hope we dont but better be safe than sorry

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27 Aug 2011


If you are ever in an accident the medical response team needs to know how to treat your injury. As with ANY medications or conditions. They need to know how to properly administer aid.

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