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If taking an oxy in morning,will it show up in afternoon drug test?

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Anonymous 23 Jul 2010

errrr YES.

Anonymous 23 Jul 2010

But of course it will its had time to get into your bloodstream by time afternoon comes.

Birdhappy 23 Jul 2010

Oxy, is working in your bloodstream and giving you relief within 30 minutes to a hour. So it will be in your bloodstream in the afternoon. Sorry to tell you if this is not what you didn't wanted to hear.

cheersrichard 24 Jul 2010

why do you ask?

rns 27 Jul 2010

Yep... and, if it's a urine test it will be in your urine within 2-5 hours of taking it. Source:

Etay1982 1 Sep 2010

Yes it will I found however that I had to do a Random drug test in 48 hrs and I took a 80mg oxy, i am not suppose to be on any meds, but I started drinking Tea like crazy, and I went pee every half hour but it worked and I passed m drug test, i am on Federal Probation, thank god i got one week left, free discount card

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