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If one dose of Lumesta (3 mg)does not keep you asleep, can you take additional dose?

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Rajive Goel 5 Jun 2010

It is never recommended to take a overdose of any med., Lunesta is a PoM med., please never overdose, hope this helps?

christineATU 5 Jun 2010

Rajive, please take care of yourself, ok?

RemSupreme 5 Jun 2010

My guess is that it isnt keeping you asleep because the half-life of Lunesta is only 5-6 hours which is really short.You can try dosing 1 1/2 mg if that puts you to sleep.When you wake up take the other 1 1/2.OR you can remedy this by changing sleep medications.Restoril((temazepam) a benzodiazipine has a much loger half-life which is 10-40 hours depending on your bodies breakdown of the drug 30 mg is the highest dose and people have good success with this drug.Pro-som anotherbenzo has a half life of10-24 hours but the drug is rarely perscribed.And the 3rd is another benzo calledDoral(quazepam) which also has a long half-life but again it is an old benzo and doctors stay away from this drug.I tried it for a month and it leaves a mettalic taste in your mouth,Ive read other ppl saying the same thing.STAW AWAY from halcion which again is unpopular and has a half-life shorter then Lunesta,also Ambien has a short half-life but works great for some people and does nothing for others.Sonata(Zalepion) will have you awake in 2-3 hours it has the fastest half-life out of them all.3 mg's is the highest a doctor can perscribe by law,I wouldnt take more if I was you because you will just sleep deeper but just as short.My recomendation is Restoril(temazepam) 30 mg tell your doctor that you are waking up too early and somebody recommened it to you.I took it for a few years and it worked well with me much better than ambien.And if you getting 3 mg of lunesta he I dont see why he wouldnt put you on Restoril.Sorry about the length of my comment but 30 mg of restoril is your best bet.Hope this gave you some insight on sleep meds.

christineATU 5 Jun 2010

Are there any meds you DON'T know about? :-) Maybe someday I'll be able to stump you on a med question. You're right about the ambien, it does work fast but doesn't last too long. BTW, isn't halcion an anti-psychotic med?

Rajive Goel 6 Jun 2010

Thanks Christine, you too take care!

RemSupreme 11 Jun 2010

Christine,Your thinking of Haldol thats an anti-psychotic,Halcion(triazolam) is a benzodiazipines but is very unpopular,I seen somebody that got hurt real bad and I had nightmares 4-5 times a week,so I told my doctor and he perscribed it to my amazement cause its one peptid difference than xanax,doesnt last long but I dont dream on it and someone people have major blackouts and do looney crap like high doses of xanax and a guy killed his mother while taking Halcion that made headlines in early 90's.Its so strong it only comes in .125 mg or .250 mg(1/4) mg it used to come in half mg but was taken off the market free discount card

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