i take focalin 30, welbutrin 150 & lexapro 10 for ADHD, peri-menapause & anxiety. i have major osteoarthritis of the cervical and lumbar spine. had emergency fusion in cervical spine 10 days ago. was given ultram 2 weeks before surgery and took 6 days after along with skelactin. never took any narcotic drug after surgery. the side effects of the ultram were so bad, i just dealt with the extreme pain with tylenol. did not take ADHD or welbutrim after surgery while on ultram and skelactin. started back my regular meds and feel even worse. i have never had any kind of addiction to anything. why do i feel very anxious, dizzy, jittery, have not slept at all in days (took lunesta and got some sleep but then felt even more jittery. when will this go away? also i have shortness of breath.