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If Neulasta is unrefrigerated for 51hrs does it make it no good?

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15 Mar 2011

I have read extensively on this medication and what it is used for, and would have to say if the directions say to immediately refrigerate after opening, do not ingest this medication... several things would most likely happen just like with Amoxicillin... one the seperation of ingredients within the medicine, it loses it's strength and last will not work at it's optimum level if kept in an enviroment where germs harbor... ie... warmer temps... this medication is already being used to ward off infection, pretty serious ones and the usage of this medication is pretty extensive and strait forward... get the bottle replaced... Speak with your pharmacist asap, to vfy information here... if your pharmacy is closed then just go online and call a 24 hour pharmacy and ask them... be careful... blaze22

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15 Mar 2011

Hey vanvelzor,

As Blaze already mentioned, the syringes of Neulasta that have been unrefrigerated for longer than 48 hours should be discarded as stated below:

Store refrigerated between 2° to 8°C (36° to 46°F) in the carton to protect from light. Do not shake. Discard syringes stored at room temperature for more than 48 hours. Avoid freezing; if frozen, thaw in the refrigerator before administration. Discard syringe if frozen more than once.

Hope this helps,


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