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If my thyroid levels are slightly off, and my PCP has chosen not to treat, should I get a second op?

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amazon13 17 Oct 2010

If you feel uncomfortable with the decision that your doctor made, by all means get a second opinion. Some times slightly off can be significant if you see signs of hypo or hyperthyroidism, you didn't say whether the levels are high or low?

Graysmom 16 Mar 2012

I had the same issue with my GYN. My hair and skin were very dry and my nails were brittle. I was also having issues keeping my weight off no matter what I did. My GYN told me I was border line. When I went to my family doctor he checked my Thyroid and said it was low. Go figure. Anyway, he put me Thyroid meds and soon I was feeling much better. It pays to get a second or even third opinion. As the years have gone by I have needed to have my Thyroid meds adjusted up. I can't stand having my Thyroid levels low. UGH! I wish you the best.

smileyhappy 17 Mar 2012

Hi Singles,

Yes, get yourself refered to an Endocrinologist. My family doctor tested my thyroid and he thought it was fine so I had him refer me to an Endo anyway because I had the symptoms of hypothyroid. When I met her and told how I felt she said I was and ordered blood test. I have been with her for years now. I'm on Synthroid since.

Good luck and take care,

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