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If my man is in pain due to a kidney stone will it help if he takes a diuretic?

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Rajive Goel 20 Jul 2010

Certain diuretics could be prescribed for kidney stones, perhaps the doc shall be the best person to consult, it could also depend on various other factors & the type of stones that one could have. Please talk to the doctor for professional & accurate info, hope this helps?

midwestma 20 Jul 2010

I have recurring kidney stones, I've never been given a diaretic for them, just for the record if you're not aware, kidney stones are not smooth they are jagged and very painful, plenty of oral fluids at your own body pace should do the trick, never add a medication without first consulting a urologist, you may cause more problems than you bargained for. Stones are far more painful than some folks could ever imagine, I hope this soon passes and the pain also. I wish you the best. Please check with a Doctor before self medicating, better to be safe~ Bless You

christineATU 20 Jul 2010

excellent midwestma.

midwestma 23 Jul 2010

midwestma takes a little curtsy, and says " well thank you kindly Cristine"
:) you too are a sweetheart~ :) You made my day~

Birdhappy 20 Jul 2010

Diuretics should only be taken if your urologist prescribes while you have the kidneys stones. If you have them at home don't take them!! Best thing drink water and juices avoid milk, caffeine, coffee & pop. This is what I have Been told to do when I have them. Sorry should have been more specfic about juices cranberry,apple, white grape. Also broth. In other words clear liquids. Hopes this helps.

barbles2413 20 Jul 2010

no and maybe a trip to the er. free discount card

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