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If my fentanyl patch falls off in a swimming pool, is it still good?

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suzanne66 14 Nov 2011

Yes - it should be fine. It can be rinsed with cold water and reapplied to dry skin with an adhesive plaster such as tegaderm.

DzooBaby 14 Nov 2011

Suzanne is correct if it falls off and you get it right away. If it has been floating around in the pool for more than a few minutes though, I would recommend that you dispose of it and put a new one on. The medication reservoir is covered by a permeable membrane that the medication moves through (remember osmosis in biology class-a movement of particles from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration through a permeable membrane) The patch uses osmosis and pool water is the area of lower concentration so the fentanyl can leak out and pool water can leak into the reservoir if the patch floats about for a bit so it could dilute the drug. So if you find it right after it comes off go ahead and rinse it and stick it back on but if it has floated around for more than a few minutes or you are unsure, it is best to just dispose of it and get a new one. Applying a good overlay like Biocclusive or tegaderm BEFORE swimming will help to keep it stuck better so it doesnt fall off in the first place. With the name brand Duragesic patches they used to have a number on the box and the insert you could call and they would send overlays for free. I dont know if the generics do this but it might be worth it to call the manufacturer and ask. If not, you can find them at most drug stores like Walgreens or Walmart probably carries them too. free discount card

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