If medication is stopped by doctor, can go to emergency room and get medication refilled?
My doctor states I have been on Tramadol (2 years) (Gabapentin, 1 yr; Diclofenac 3 months) for too long, and it is dangerous. Refuses to prescribe more or ok refill until I have a Sleep Apnea study done (to see which narcotic to prescribe), and also a Physical Assessment Study (to see what movement restrictions/abilities I have). I understand those medical needs fully, I agree with their need. However I am unemployed (got laid off because I did not have note from doctor prescribing need to be off work, because the doctor wouldn't move on it until I had the Physical Assessment Study done (insurance would pay $400.00, I would pay $1,200.00, not possible). So I got laid off. Now, I have no income (applying for SSI and for doctor visit with VA, will take awhile for both) except very little from spouse's income.
I am wondering now since my Tramadol (50MG 2 tabs, x4 times per day) will run out tomorrow/Saturday. ... What options do I have, short term? Can I go to the emergency room and request refill be made?
The point is I am able to be mobile, get up and walk around (very little), and sit and have a life with my spouse and two dogs. But without the Tramadol (3 days ago I had run out, and experienced without them for 5 hours) and it was excruciating pain, I could not get out of bed, and I could not communicate or hold a conversation more than 2 or 5 word sentences with my spouse, and anger and frustration was always at the surface.
I've run out 3 times in the past 2 years and had this same experience.

I have an appointment with another clinic (sliding fee scale) October 6, today is September 10... So, looking at 26 days of being bed ridden and in excruciating pain.

Any suggestions on what to do? The current primary doctor is on maternity leave and the substitute doesn't want to prescribe until these studies are done. I am up a creek and have no paddle.

Thanks for any replies, seriously