me now? Im slowly crawling back from my surgery. It really knocked me back a lot and I wasnt prepared for "behaving" myself quite as much as I had to. The first few days were typical after a surgery. But then I felt so good, and I tried to jump in and eat all these nice foods that I hadnt had in a while, and that was my downfall. I ate too much rich food and paid the price. I was so nauseated and so sick that I ended up in the ER Sunday night for 8 hours. I had get rehydrated. They were also concerned because I hadnt been eating anything for 48 hours. I was also concerned about being on the valium, tramadol, and other pain meds for so long, I wanted to start weaning off of them asap. I was taking them 4x a day, so I cut it back to 2 doses. The doctor told me to cut it back to 3 times a day for a couple weeks, then go to 2 times a day for a couple weeks. As much as I had been on, it would cause too many withdrawal problems, inc nausea which is exactly what I didnt need more of. The zofran and phenergan seem to be helping for the moment, but I feel like I've been hit by a freight train. The surgery went well. I found out very interesting details in talking with my doctor. She is 1 of only 2 doctors in my state cleared to perform this surgery. This procedure was only started 3 years, and only 4,000 are performed on average per year. I guess I was very lucky that mine was right here in my own town. I have 3 weeks to heal enough, or now I've found I will lose my job due to time Ive been outta work. If not one thing goes wrong, another soon follows. If anyone has suggestions on the best way to taper down, or has been on valium for long periods of time, its only 2mg per dose, along with my other meds, I'd love to know what your plans were. Lord knows, I cant afford any more nausea.
I was told your messages while I was ill. Stormy kept me posted on the remarks and I read them when I got home. Thank you all for your prayers and love.