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If Im into methadone withdrawals for 9 days and take 3 of em will it them start over again from day?

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cleanmachine 29 Jul 2011

Oh yes! your body will be in more stree than before and your withdrawls sypmtoms will be extremely more severe if you decide to stay off. Its been 13 days clean for me and used 0 methadone. It was an awful experience but I did it and I feel euphoric. I can feel again. And just kind of off that subject. NO you can not die off methadone detox or even heroin , alcoholics CAN die. Ive seen on here people saying how dangerous methadone withdrawls are, its not so much how bad the symptoms are its how long one may have side effects from methadone. Its a horrible horrible drug. Here get off heroin or whatever your choice of drug and lets put these patients on a harder drug to get off of with more dangerous side effects if on it over years. Not to mention the clinics that provide the methadone are for profit. So they are cashing in on your habit. free discount card

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