shot in the leg with a 357. ive also had my pinky cut off & when they put it back on ,it non useable now . my arm has also been broken & did not grow bak right. i was going to see if there was possibly a doc. in high point so i can go to a pain clinic. it is so hard living like this & trying to manage this pain every day. please let there be a doc. that will help me out ,cause ther are just some days this pain is so unberable& i have 2 kids that depend on me every day to be up with them and i feel so bad that i cant do the things with them that i want to do. im a stay at home dad so im with them all day long. please, please some onn help me. im on unemployment righ now &ill promise u i will do my best to do a payment plan. i just need some help from a doc. that would be willing to help get into a clinic, please thats all i ask just for a doc. with a good heart to help me out. if yall could send me some listings of some places i can possibly get set up with. i would greatly appreciate it please.think u for your time.