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If I took two Vicodin ES on a Saturday morning will it be out Monday afternoon?

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nucproff 6 Dec 2011

Vicodin is a narcotic-/opioid. Yes it will be in your system, shows on toxicology screen, urinanalysis, Q-time detection (quickie screen drug panel result--means near immediate detection), and then without doubt checked by scintillation as per requirements. Detection in nm (nano meters--small relative #) can/will show amount in your system, remaining amount after the half-life of any opioid injestation or other route. Metabolites can be found, measured, detected,with great accuracy. (metabolites are basically the left over Vicodin break down that occurs during the 1/2 life time frame). Generally speaking: up to 72 hours, short as 24-48hrs--iffy if concerned. Best scenario: have/get prescription, truth in consumption of medication, poppy seeds, advil, aleve,bleach,cranberry juice,vinegar,tylenol don't work, won't hide it, it can be detected, and you would have to eat a truck load of poppy seeds to even detect what people think it will--opiates. Suggestion, the med is/was/will be prescribed, left over from say a tooth ache, my back hurt I took it. Daily use, heavy use,prn use cause accumulate amounts that are within a known "normal" range. Hope this helps, all will be well. free discount card

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