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If I took 4mg soboxone at 12pm today & wanted 2 do bags,say at7pm will I feel the bags?

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Inactive 1 Jan 2010

No, you will not and I guarantee that. suboxone is long acting and you would need to wait more like 5 days and maybe you would come to your senses in that 5 days and realize that you really don't want to do the 2 bags. Seriously, you will be wasting your money and you are going to feel guilty as well.

missy2 1 Jan 2010

what is suboxone? and am i getting this right about the bags is this another joke like lance armstrong? this is my first attemp at any kind of chating and i'm not sure that i can keep up.

Inactive 1 Jan 2010

Missy, I think the poster is talking about bags of heroin. Suboxone also known as Bupenorphine, is an opiate replacement medication, similar to methadone, but it contains a blocker in it that will block the intoxicating effect of any other opiate.

missy2 3 Jan 2010

thanks for the info missy free discount card

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