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If I take a suboxone in morning will I feel a percocett at night?

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subzero58 27 Mar 2010

hi john71, why would you even bother taking a suboxone if you were not trying to stop opiate pill use? if you want know if you can take a perc if you used a sub in the morning? nobody here is gona stop you. if you wana know if your feel it? then the answer is your gona feel something.maybe withdraw,go right ahead no answer but the one you wana hear is gona be right anyway. give yourself a break and just take the suboxone the way your supposed to. do what you want but don't do it here.

Inactive 28 Mar 2010

No you will not feel it and will have wasted the percocet and you will most likely feel very guilty for having taken the percocet.

subzero58 28 Mar 2010

hi patti,maybe gilt is a good way to go? i tried sarcasm,and they don't get it. kinda makes you think must be a full moon out there,cause all the knuckle heads are out tonight. present company excluded.

dbo84 19 May 2010

If u do not take suboxone on a daily basis u may feel the perc. I know plenty of fools who do suboxone every now and again for rec use and then aren't satisified with the high so use other opiates shortly after mostly oxycontin . Remember every one is diffrent free discount card

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