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If I take 40mgs of ambien 1.5 mgs of alprazolam and cannabis what are the interactions of these?

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newport hundreds 30 Dec 2010

just wondering, would it be fatal, cuz the person i know wants to do this, i think he shouldnt but any other input would be greatly appreciated thank you

midwestma 30 Dec 2010

hello Newport hundreds,

First of all if you're on 40 mg. of Ambien that is an extreme amount to be taking when I believe 5 to 10 mg is the normal amount to be taking. It appears to me if the normal dosage isn't working you need to discuss with your doctor about reassessing your meds. 1.5 mg of alprazolam is an amount of alprazolam I'm not familiar with, it's usually .5 to 1mg. or 2 mg.and working up from there, how often are you taking the xanax? May I ask, and is your cannabis medicinally prescribed, or is it street level?
I'm not judging you so please don't take it that way OK, I' m just worried about the mixture of drugs you're taking, especially the ambien, that is a huge dose to be on, an you're playing with death. :Please see your your doctor and discuss this with him/her asap,Please.

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christineATU 30 Dec 2010

Midwestma is right to be concerned. Please tell your friend this is a dangerous mix and dose of medications. Nothing to mess around with. Be safe! free discount card

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