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If I quit taking 100mg of methadone & start back taking my 150mg roxicodone will I go into withdraw?

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LaurieShay 9 Apr 2011

Hey stevie,

Did the doctor give you this conversion or did you decide on the equivalent amounts of methadone to roxi's? I don't know the conversion, but I have been on high dose of methadone and was switched to oxycodone (roxicodone) and went into withdraws because my doctor didn't do the conversion correctly. I would recommend tapering off the methadone rather than just stopping so to avoid any withdraw. Withdraw from methadone can be pure _ _ _ _.

Do be careful and wish you the very best,


stevie1829 9 Apr 2011

Do u think taking Opana with the roxi's will stop withdraw?? I've detoxed from methadone before & I want to avoid at all cost doing it again. I've only been on methadone for 6 months & I can taper down, I just don't know how much $$ I have left to do it

LaurieShay 9 Apr 2011

I checked a conversion calculator for opiates and the conversion is 100mg methadone is equal to approximately 100 mg oxycodone. So the 150 mgs of roxi per day should keep you from withdrawing from the methadone.

stevie1829 10 Apr 2011

For how long?? I know methadone stays in ur system for several months

LaurieShay 10 Apr 2011

If you stop the methadone and start the roxi's, you will still have to detox from the roxi's eventually. The roxi's are an opiate just like the methadone and you will have to taper off over much time or use a medicine like Suboxone to avoid withdraw symptoms from the roxi's. If you are trying to get off the opiates you really are trading one opiate for another if you are going to start taking the roxi's.

Methadone lasts from 3 to 5 days after the last dose in the body before withdraw symptoms become real bad.

Why are you taking the methadone and why do you want to switch to the roxi's?

stevie1829 14 Apr 2011

My unemployment is running out so my roxi script is much cheaper. I just hope it works, methadone withdraws are HORRIBLE!!! I can't go thru that again

jsandoval606 30 Apr 2011

First of all, methadone is not an opiate. It is a synthetic opiate that acts the same way as an opiate in your body. I get so annoyed by people that post inaccurate information that is meant to help but only hinders the problem further. With that said, check your info before posting something that you only believe to be correct but in actuality is very wrong. Secondly, roxi is one of the better alternatives to methadone and is far safer than methadone. Be sure to research more into this and use sound reasoning when filtering out inaccurate information from others like LaurieShay. Goodluck because there are far too many that think they know it all.

LaurieShay 30 Apr 2011

I DO CHECK MY WORK VERY CAREFULLY EACH AND EVERY TIME I POST. Whether it is a synthetic opiate or a naturally derived one still makes it an opiate. How it is manufactured is the only difference. I checked the conversion table and did my math accurately. If you have a beef with me, please private message me. I did not make a mistake. In fact, you never did say what my mistake was. Do you even know the definition of the word synthetic? free discount card

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