I was helping someone conceal some oxycontins they had in an altoid tin, so I licked that wax coating off of them. I think it was 5 or 6 I put in my mouth and just kinda swished around getting that coating off so they would look white. i tried as hard as i could, but they still had a slight red tinge to them... anyway, i dont know if it was just in my head or not, but i think i got a little buzz off it? but i don't see how that's possible, because even if some of the medication did get in my body, certainly it wouldn't have been enough to get the "high" feeling? anyway, if i get popped with a random tomorrow around 6-8AM, and i licked the coating off around 2:30 PM, will i fail? will drinking a lot of water help flush them out? because i heard that unlike THC, oxycontin is water soluble rather than fat, and CAN IN FACT be flushed out? please help me!