I was hit by a drunk driver ,a few years ago, and found myself addicted. I do not have insurance and do not receive a script. This makes for a very expensive habit. The Drs. in my area do not prescribe pain meds, they send you to a pain clinic. The clinic is very expensive and drug tests you. If you have any unprescribed drugs in your system, you are denied treatment. I am scared everyday that I won't be able to find pain meds to get me through the day. I can't keep playing this game. I'm scared that if I try to quit Ill be too sick to work, not to mention the severe pain I will be in. Help... I cannot miss work! I might not be able to work without them but without a script I'm playing a scary game. My brother said when he quit he lost his job and had to be in the hospital. What do I do??? I've been lucky and found pills almost everyday but I can't keep playing this game and being scared everyday. I went two days without them once and was so sick I had to leave work. Help me