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If I have had a course of zyban (6 months ago) before can I have another course?

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Rajive Goel 1 Aug 2010

Did you take a course of Zyban to quit smoking? My friend try & quit smoking without meds, the side effects of Zyban are not worth taking another course.

A brief, I had been a smoker for 35 years, and finally gave it up one fine morning 2 years ago, had to throw/destroy the Zyban course which I bought as the meds had expired. All it takes is a tough decision, not preaching, but I am concerned on the side effects that Zyban would have.

Take care, and by the way for another course please seek help from your doc/pharmacist, wish you all the best!

tatty74 1 Aug 2010

Yes i have taken them to quit smoking and to be honest, i didn't really get any side effects. I quit smoking with the help of zyban 6 months ago and have recently started again and i'm finding it difficult to quit. I thought zyban was a great aid to help me and was thinking of asking my doctor for another course but wasn't sure if he would prescribe me any.
Thanks for your comments, i dont seem to have the will power to just stop like you have and patches dont seem to help me, so i think i'll go and ask and see what he says. Thanks agian.

Rajive Goel 1 Aug 2010

I also was under this impression, honestly I suffered a cardiac stroke 2 years ago & had no choice but to quit, God forbid, but before it gets bad I would honestly recommend go see a doctor for a repeat of Zyban or just quit like I did all it takes is that 'drive' to quit believe me, please. free discount card

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