I have been battling a pain killer addiction for years (any opiate is fine but oxys are my favorite).. I have managed to get off of them on my own a lot of times and seem to be drifting back to using. I have severe anxiety, depression ect... and the pain killers took it away and i was able to function again. I was recently dianosed with a non cancerous brain tumor on my petutitary gland that cause every symptom that i have had since i was 12 years old (anxiety, depression, all the symptoms of diabetes, extreme persperation, no labido, intolerance to the cold, headaches, nausea, urination problems, insomnia, fatigue, and moodiness). I know i wish i would have known that before i became a huge drug addict.
When I am off the drugs I just have to live being so uncomfortable so I always ALWAYS go back cuz its hard to live like that. My mom is understanding NOW, but she doesnt know that i still do drugs and she would flip shit and honestly I dont feel like her finding out, its just not worth it. I really dont have time to go through withdrawls (School, Work, and Social Life).

My question is if i go through insurance will it show up on anything that they payed something for Suboxone specifically?? because if it doesnt I'm definitely going the suboxone route because i know it works because I bought them off the streets to get off once before but I'm not as lucky to have that connection this time. If it doesnt show up anywhere that she can actually see that i'm taking subs I was just gonna tell her that my psychiatrist gave me a preventative anxiety drug. But if it does show up on anything my mom would see I'm just gonna have to do it old school which SUCKS!!

P.S. I am prescribed xanax but I dont technically NEED it that much i can deal with that on my own for the most part... So not taking those will not be a problem