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If I am being drug tested for hydocodine will xanax sho up in that test ?

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sweetpea602 16 Nov 2010

Hello coconutz58,

If you are taking a standard drug test say, for a job or probabtion, then yes xanax (benzo's) will be tested for. I think depending on what type of test you are being given certain drugs will always be tested for (marijuana, amphetamines, benzos, narcotics... etc) Somebody on this site will definately know more about the different kinds of tests..hope this helps, Sweetpea

Inactive 16 Nov 2010

It will show as a benzo, not an opiate like hydro. if you have an rx bottle with your name on it, take it with you to the test or have a dr or dentist rx you some real quick before you take your test.

christineATU 16 Nov 2010

Personally I've never heard of a drug screen that only tests for opiates. Normally the standard test includes, opiates, THC, benzo's, barbiturates, and hallucinogenics like LSD. I'm pretty sure those are the basic five. But they definitely test for benzo's.

best wishes,

subzero58 16 Nov 2010

hi coco,like the answers you got,if its a standard drug test benzo's will show up.but if your getting a peak and trough test it may not.the p n t test is used to see how fast or slow your bodies metabolic system is converting the opiate.but if your giving 1 urine sample its not that kind of test. good luck

arcanoidcyst16 16 Nov 2010

They will both show up but as long as you have a legal prescription you shouldn't have anything to be worried about.I have never heard of a drug test only testing for one thing but if it's a Standard Drug Test.Like what I think it probably is.They can basically find anything with in your system in the past 1 to 2 weeks.If you took only 1 dose of the medication.It could be out of your system in as quickly as 3 days.If however you have been taking them consistently.It will typically stay in your system.However long you have been taking that medication.I hope this has been of some help as I have been through lots of random drug-tests throughout my year for my job and so-forth.

Mizzy*Mas 16 Nov 2010

hello, im new to this site... ya im glad u got all the right answers... they will come up for benzos... jus wanted to say good luck... free discount card

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